11th December 2021 - MOUNTAINDAY

cooperation piece. Performative diner where taste, sounds/music and performance comes together. 


December 2021 - Soffiatore&Glissandria-mini opera-a love tragedy (cooperation with Eva Beunk&Harpsirens, studio 150, Amsterdam Noord


august/september 2021- Balkonconcerten, cooperation with Harp sirens & composer Eva Beunk, creating a full experience/ performance. An interaction between art and music, exploring admitting, playing and breaking out of our roles and expectations

as a musician and as an artist.


october 2021-Residency Perron West

- sign making 

- giving a workshop mosaic

Nose costumes; The nose, filmproject of Jonny Mehrez started 07-09-2020- this day, today and coming months


July 2021- September, window exibhition:

"Zoals de wind waait, zo bolt het"

Staatsliedenbuurt, Amsterdam






Nieuw Oogst, galerie Bart (Nijmegen)


Culturele zondag, Utrecht 15-11-2019


Solo Exposition "De Badfiets en andere werelden"

de Exbunker, Utrecht
31 augustus 2019 - 29 september 2019


EXPOSURE, juli 2019

GRADUATIONSHOW, groupexposition


February, 2019
“soapy display” solo exposition, window Kunstraject, Staatsliedenbuurt, Amsterdam.





December, 2018

“Soapy display” Solo exposiMon, window Kunstraject, staatsliedenbuurt, Amsterdam.


“ She's been in the bizz for years”, parMcipated performance by Caz Egelie, Cacaofabriek, Helmond.

28th, 15th,14th

“Previous Bathtub-bike” shown at ManMs FesMval 27th,

June, 2018

Performing “She's been in the bizz for years” By Caz Egelie, Pastoefabriek, Utrecht



18th, 28th,29th

Performing “Hair, sound” By Norbert Kovacs, Pastoefabriek, Utrecht 28th

Performing “as you do” by Marleen van Eewijck, Pastoefabriek, Utrecht

28th,29th .

March, 2018

“She's been in the bizz” Performance by Caz Egelie , Pastoefabriek




And so it continues...




January, 2018

26th,27th,28th “Tickin' diner” group exposiMon with: LiseOe van Hoogenhuyze

Iriee Zamble

Sarah Reinbold

Angelina Kumar

Oude Pakt gebouw, Utrecht.




October, 2017
at the 8th of october:
“Het verzonken dorp” A mixed media performance where music, poetry and paint came together.

Made because of a cooperaMon of the NaMonaal Kamer orkest fonds en Natuurmonumenten.

In cooperaMon with Iris van den Bosch (percussionist) and Michelle Verhegge (Harpist), both alumni of the Royal academy of music, The Hague.

For this I designed the poster and wrote a poem about the last day of Beurlake and parMcipated in the performance.


September, 2017
3th, “artnapping” Performance, culturele zondag, Utrecht, performance by Caz Egelie.

A group of colorful people tip toes trough Utrecht's city center. They seemed to have committed a crime because they try to blend-in in every kind of way possible with the people enjoying the “Culturele zondag”. The fact that they're carrying all kinds of art-pieces makes it look like they're kidnapping them. I commit I was one of them that day.



January, 2017

the 26th,27th:

Joined the masterclass of Marcus Coates (performance arMst, he has a huge interest for nature, animals and rituals), Hoog Catharijne, Utrecht.

We designed costumes and thought about ways how to approach Utrecht centre as a complete stranger. What were we? How would we look like? Which quesMons would we ask the humans now we didn't know what that was? It were two full days of making a performance together, the inspiraMon was the invasion of spring.

We performed at the 27th of January in Utrecht city centre.

July 2012
Given an art-course at a summer school about music and language, EMS, Schiers, Switzerland

Together with Michelle Verheggen (alumni Royal conservatory, The Hague/Harpist) I worked on a project where art and music worked together. Could I understand what Michelle was telling me by her music? Did she understand what I painted and revere that back to the music?

Aser a performance at the conservatory in The Hague, Michelle and I were asked to give a course about our project.

The course lasted from the 8th Mll the 9th of july.